Autumn - The Mosaic Of All

Rs. 150.00

Has a nightmare ever kept you wide awake, all night? Scaring you to death all day, every day threatening to reveal your past? Have you ever felt the shadow of terrible emptiness following you all around?
“Stumbling. Broken. Weird. Confused. Introvert.” Do any of these define even the smallest part of you?
Zoya is a confused girl who is dealing with similar weird thoughts, swirling in her mind like a whirlwind. She has found her little recluse in Kabir, her amazing best friend. He is one happy go lucky guy who, unknowingly, keeps her alive and happy with his innocence and mirth.
But her life changes after Aarav walks into it and sweeps her off her feet with his boyish charm and positive attitude. Walk along with these amazing characters along their joyful journey of self-discovery and self-worth. How difficult it is to let go off your past and to what extent would your friends go to save you from it?
“Autumn. The Mosaic of All” is a powerful and touching story of friendship, betrayal, strength and above all love and self-belief.



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