Rewriting History (Paperback)

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There are days when I wish to go back to my school. Days when I forget that it’s been years since I cleared my 12th. It feels just like yesterday when I confided about my first crush to my best friend in 5th grade, or when I first bunked a class with another friend in 8th.

Time flies when you are having fun but I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and become the younger me over and over again. Don’t you miss those days?

The school picnics and adventure trips, the surprise tests and the board exams, huddling on the cold benches in winters and pushing each other away in summers, the annual functions and the science exhibitions. You’ll find all of the above and more within this book, all you have to do is turn the pages.

Let us take you back to your school through the only thing similar to a time machine: stories.

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    very good thought and message in it


    An amazing collection! 👍👍