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Are you a writer? You've come to the right place! Scroll down to read on about our book publishing services.


When there are hundreds and hundreds of other publishers, you might have one particular question in your mind;

WHY WRITER's Pocket?


That’s because when you publish a book with Writer’s Pocket, you get your dedicated team of experts. These experts are champs at publishing books and they’ll do all the work as you sit back and relax. After all, you’ve done the major work i.e. writing the book!! You deserve some time to chill.

Book Publishing services

Here’s what you get when you hire book experts from Writer’s Pocket to publish your first (and second, third, fourth…) book:


• Proofreading

• Editing

• Formatting & Beautification

• ISBN number & barcode

• Cover designing

• Illustrations in the book*

• Shipping & Distribution

• Listings as e-book on Kindle and Play books

• Free author copies*

• Royalty (obviously!)

Book marketing services

Now, that was before the publication of your book. Printing doesn’t sell the books, does it?

Let us tell you how Writer’s Pocket will market your beloved book:

Social Media Marketing

We can help you get tons of sales by harnessing the power of the social media.Not boasting but we’re kinda sorta maybe brilliant at that! (wink) You don’t believe us? Check out our Instagram stats below! Pretty impressive, huh?

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Email Marketing

Let’s go back to the old school method and sell some more copies

Posters & other printables designing

Because people remember visuals more than written text

Sales report & royalty

Every month, so that you know how well you write!

Book submission guidelines

So are you ready to get published?

For getting your book published, please mail the following documents and details to us at

1. A synopsis of your book
2. Three sample chapters of your book
3. Your contact details

After submitting, please wait for 24-48 hours. Once our editors go through your submission, we’ll give you a call back.

Important: DO NOT SEND YOUR COMPLETE MANUSCRIPT to us before signing the contract. If you do and it ends up being misused in any way, we won’t be held responsible for it.

Any queries? Ask away!

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