• Shame
    7 years passed post her surgery. Still her two legs fell short of balance to support her. No not because they weren’t strong enough, rather because she didn’t have the courage to. She had been subjected to a lifetime of mental trauma and shrewd gazes from antisocial species, humans I mean.
    Her story wasn’t the stereotypical melodious…Read More
  • Streets filled with silence, birds make melody. Vehicles stay unused. Greenery rejenuvates. Blessings showered by the environment on the unworthy mankind. Families prosper with love. Indeed, quarantine has got everything covered, Beautifully. On the other hand, our heroes working odd hours to safeguard the infected, their hopes and aspirations.…Read More
  • Her favourite music classes became a pain to her as they would remind her of him. His words, actions, smile, EVERYTHING. She cried inside, her academic grades went low. She gave way to depression. Her life became the grave of her dreams. He too struggled maybe just an ounce of her PAIN did he know. Whereas she was filled with the same PAIN. 6…Read More


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