Time flies by..

Time flies so fast where tomorrow turns into today and today into yesterday. Unknown about it Where is it leading Where it will end.

Falling for you was as easy as falling asleep. But waking up from it, I was in a Coma.

Some wish for for fame, or fortune... 
others wish for miracles, I just wish for you


Don't grieve at the stab.
it's only meant to free you.
from the chains that bind you to the earth
and shackle you to the shadows of people.
The mirage of water cannot quench.
but is so beautiful to the thirsty.
I'm afraid, of never knowing another life
Different so different.
If I let go will you take me higher?
Above grief,want, loss.
Above all that I've ever known.
take me higher, unbind me from the earth.
like vaccine, it sickens, to make you stronger.
The stab is temporary, The Freedom, eternal.
                        ~From Reclaim Your Heart~