Whatever it takes

No matter how hard things get,i won’t leave your side

I won’t stop caring you

I won’t stop loving you

Whatever it takes,i am your ethernal one❤️


I sat here, 

By the window,

Feeling the autumn breeze tickle me.

I could hear a forgotten melody when it traipsed past me:

Something about lovers and their quarrels.

A juicy piece about siblings and their squabbles.

A heart wrenching sonnet for the bereaved and his lost-one.

I sat here, 

By the sea,

Feeling the waves caress my feet.

I caught an arcane duet in the salty sleet. 

It poked my face like a thousand needles, 

Also brought with it the smell of nettles. 

It was a symphony of the bear and his cub

In the pine forests.

I sat here, 

By the dunes.

The warm air ruffled my hair,

And brought with it the lilting melody of flutes. 

The melody reminded me of 

The hymns sang in praise of the  Lord.

I sat here, 

By the mirror. 

Looked at myself with wonder.

The mirror was humming a tune.

It was about monsoon and thunder.

I smiled indulgently. 

Music followed me everywhere diligently. 

Or that’s what I thought, 

Until I realised that music is something that I sought 

After everywhere I go.

I sat here,

By myself.

Listening to the harmony of nature;

Quietly marvelling at how it destroys and nurtures.

I sat here,

By myself; 

Quietly marvelling at how music was a part of me.

~ Ridhi


Blood scar in his shoulder
Says nothing,
Heel crack in her toe
Says nothing,
infant's murmuring
says nothing,
rain drops from shell
says nothing,
Vessel carrying it
says nothing,
Starve says a "thing"
when will it change…

While looking for the one who never gets tired of her,she found the one whom she will never get tired of.


Galaxy carrys multitude words,
Cells searching for one word
Cool breeze in the mid desert
Love is not just only wedding
It is beyond the circle..
Love is sacrifice,
It’s emotion, smile
Everything around us is built up with love,
Sapiens to animals, sapiens to nature
love is unfurl everywhere
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