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10 Benefits Of Self-Publishing Your Book In 2021

Do you know the similarity between a roller coaster ride and a writer’s journey? Yes, you guessed it right. There are plenty of highs and lows, from moments of the highest level of ecstasy to the lowest phases of self-doubt. Throughout, a rider clings to the handle of the seat and a writer clasps to the manuscript. At the end of the journey, both are unaware of which direction to go. 

For a writer, two roads diverge, the first is of traditional publishing and the other being self-publishing.

Traditional publishing involves collating with a third-party publisher that performs all the steps like editing, designing, publishing, and marketing. The writer, in turn, gets a small percentage of the royalties.

Self-publishing, as the name suggests, means you take responsibility for all these steps.  

So, are you a writer who is willing to leave the path of conventional publishing for some other day and travel the less-trodden road of self-publishing?

Here are the perks of self-publishing so that after ages hence, you narrate your writing story with a sigh of relief.

Benefits of self-publishing

1) Completely yours

As you are going to be the sole decision-maker of the entire process, from design to marketing, the final product can completely tune with your idea and vibes. You can also seek professional help to guide you through these steps, but the final decision will be yours. Such leisure is usually not feasible in the case of traditional publishing. Self-publishing can be the last stroke to all the self-motivation, self-care, and self-love that you have practiced throughout your writing venture.

2) Speedy alternative

Self-publishing is the most appropriate choice when the publishing period is time-sensitive. Even if your work is not time-sensitive, publishing through the conventional route can be quite time-consuming. Traditional publishing involves finding a willing agent, who in turn looks for a suitable publisher. This one-line statement can take years in reality. Therefore, self-publishing is the word if you want to see the manuscript turn into a book in a short time. 

3) Your say

Self-publishing gives the freedom to take vital decisions like the pricing model adopted for the book, maintenance of the inventory, and the expenditure on marketing and promotion. You can exercise your control over the various stages of publishing and allocate your resources accordingly.  

4) Monetary earnings

As stated earlier, in the case of traditional publishing, the writer is given only a small percentage (around 10% to 15%) of the royalties. But when you self-publish the book, you own every single penny and dime of the profits. The profits reaped can be used for future projects and effective-advertising strategies. 

5) Target audience

If your book is supposed to cater to a niche audience, the chances are that traditional publishers might not be interested in publishing your work because of the confined market. Self-publishing is the best option for writers who have a narrower target audience. 

6) No question of rejection

As agents and publishers are bombarded with thousands and thousands of books daily, they select a rare few books, reducing the likelihood that they choose your writing. The self-publishing option guarantees that your dreams to turn out into published books. Without worrying about rejection and competing manuscripts. 

7) Social media support

Marketing your book on social media platforms can engage more readers compared to traditional marketing methods. Self-publishing gives the complete leeway to market your books on various platforms. The availability of digital formats like e-books and PDFs can also help in creating a greater reader-base. Self-published authors can also connect with online retailers to reach a global audience. 

8) Build your image

Self-publishing can enhance your image as a writer as well as an entrepreneur. The successful blend of writing skills with entrepreneurship skills can attract potential publishers for the future. It can prove to be a monumental advancement in your career.

 9) Safe option for beginners

As a newbie, a writer might be sceptical about his/her work. Analysing the market through a few numbers of self-published books can help in knowing the response of the readers. The initial market-study can help in making later decisions. 

10) Self-growth

The entire cycle, from writing the book to taking an active part in transferring the book from your table to the book-store shelf, will evolve you as a person. Hiring professionals can also help in networking and building professional relationships. It will make you more aware of the publishing world and better prepared for future publications. 

Here is an excerpt of an interview by Hugh Howey (known for his science fiction works like Silo) 

“Every author should begin their writing career self-publishing, even if their dream is to be with a large publisher. … The key to making it as a writer is to write a lot, write great stories, publish them yourself, spend more time writing, study the industry, act like a pro, network, be nice, invest in yourself and your craft, and be patient. If you can do all of these things, you’ll earn some money. Maybe enough to pay a bill every month. … Maybe enough to quit your job. Thousands of writers are doing this, and we are welcoming all comers with open arms.” ––Hugh Howey, Digital Book World interview, 2016

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