I am settling and I am struggling,

Sitting inside this box.

The same box I sat so comfortably in for you,

Hoping this love was just unorthodox.

Time is slipping through the cracks,

The same ones that keep in the dark.

Im haunted by resounding ticks and tocks,

Taunting my future like a question mark.

You will never be able to hold me at night,

When I’m shaken by ruin and wrack.

You will only offer feeble words,

“Remember, I have your back.”

When I’m stricken by the fear of God,

I cannot call on you,

You’re busy with a million things,

How can I burden you with me, too?

I need so much more than this loneliness,

Its been keeping me up at night.

I wake up reminding myself to be patient,

Soon. Soon, I swear, this is going to feel right.

I’m beginning not to trust myself,

What a calamity.

I have no one,

Now, I can’t even count on me…

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