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What if I say I’ll mend your broken heart with silver epoxy and gold, “Will you agree?” 

broken can be beautiful, in the process of turning to strengthen your wound into a unique mark that everyone wants to.

broken can be restored, with something irreplaceable.

broken but thankful, because you have realized who is your wellwishers and who are not!

broken but the whole, because the loss of the parts can be filled with the ray of hope.

broken but moving on, because you have to rise up.

broken but glorious, in your own way.

broken can be priceless, in the process of being broken and get ready to repair the mended flaws can be turned into a beautiful art just like a KINTUSUKUROI.

/**Kintsukuroi (“golden mend”): is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery using lacquer resin laced with gold or silver**/

~Daisy Angel Saragada



                                                      “HAPPY LIFE”

Everyone craves to be happy & carefree in this entire universe which is so beautiful for those who admire & enjoy in their own way of living.But for some people life is only perpetual mess of shit.We find that the real happiness is actually the contentment & real satisfaction.

  Those who have unquenchable fancy can never be happy in alive.We have to express our gratitude to the divinity who has given us everything.Some are very fortunate to have unique talents & that is the  gift of God for these individuals.They must be grateful to him because there are few unfortunate who are born blind or deaf or dumb just think ones if we were in their condition.

 How would we feel?

                   There are few who posses everything but they do not possess good physique due to certain ailment.Gold &riches cant give you happiness.A poor person who works dam has to earn his livelihood with sound health is more comfortable n happy  despite his poverty.

                              So we come to know that happiness in life is,in fact, your own way to consider things in a serious or easy mood.Most of cases reveal that things which provide joy&merriment around us, make you happy while when there are such incidents which become the cause of worry or sadness.

                               I think happiness alone cannot make you happy.So grief & sorrow make you realize that life is of roses but a bed of thorns too.If one has to be happy,he must try to remain composed & have courage to face any challenge what life give him.Those who have determination strong confidence can really be happy in whole life.

                                                                                                   NAVNEET KAUR GREWAL..!

life journey..!


⇒Life is complex very complex very first day your happy working on your daily routine tasks & the other day for wake up & thinking deeply.

What the hell i am doing with my life. I myself in this times as well. lets face it.There are ample of different things we can do with our alive. Most of us are so low confident that we really can’t do everything to make our dreams come true. We completely agree that anything that’s worth it in life is hard to obtain.We wish for good health,wealthy lifestyle & happiness  don’t happen within blink of eye.If you want great things to happens.You have to do number’s of efforts to make our passion,/dreams turn into reality.

                              STEP’S TO DO 


1)Clear your thought’s 

                                      I cant tell you to what to do with your life.You have to do yourself.Only you have to decide. Many peeps will give you infinity advice but the track you have to choose. You bridges of mind should be clear as glass. Without reason we will never change anything in our life style.

2) No thoughts, No plans

                                        Look at your self, have you tried burning your bridges.Hmm ! didn’t work, try a different condition.our life is complex, dynamic & requires you to adapt all the time. You have to figure out how you are going to do it & that’s the most important thing about figuring out your next plan. It is call figuring it out the current move. Just be fine with that its all about the journey. Better to enjoy every movement of life. Especially difficult once this will give you superb experience of living life.                                                                                                                                      NAVNEET KAUR GREWAL


Nothing happens at perfect time .
Life is Peak Hour Rush
There so much crowd in train
So you think that next one won’t be crowded
But next one is more crowded than previous one
So u think that next train would definitely not to be crowded &eventually this is now all the train leave
Whichever train u get just get in it
You’ll find a place .
That for sure !
The more we try to control our life
The more it laugh at us
We are all fools out here who think that our life is under our control &everything in life will go as planned but its doesn’t work that way & suddenly there is break in ur life than what u do ! EVERYTHING ENDS !!

Flying in the clouds with all the proud.

Flying in the clouds with all the proud.

Knowing that I’m the one who brought myself here and none.

Tearing every bad vibe so that I could live the good vibe.

Regretting the unlimited sympathy and love I gave to known and unknowns.

Pleasing the sun to take away all my worries and give some space to collect new memories.

I’m eloped from the world like a mope watching sunsets and rises in golden skies.

Surrounded by the brightest stars in widest clouds.

Every morning, the birds sing and swing with a melodious sound.

No one’s by my side, I’m all alone with excessive pride.                          

I’m proving my worth and ready to rebirth my thoughts and emotions.

This cruel world snatched my emotions and gave me a stoned heart.

I’m no more me but a lost human in the clouds.

I don’t want to be down to earth without aims and powers.

I’m a tower of goals and awaken dreams.

Don’t call me back till I reach the end.

Leave me alone because I’m flying in the clouds with all the proud.

-Seemal Perwaiz Ahmed.