The neutral side of feminism

“Fight for women’s rights” is the constant headline that we usually see on feminist posts but if you go deep into those lines,most of the rights that we as women needed are already given and accomplished but to reach the top is our duty. I agree that we are oppressed upon by various societal norms like ‘Not to stay out late or take a man along with you if you are coming home late’but if you think about it do most of us have the strength to fight a man alone? It’s true that rape cases mostly happen to women but as feminists you can only threaten or put pressure on men but it’s the mentality that has to change. Rape cases also take place with men but are their voices heard?

Men who stay out late can take care and protect themselves but if we women prove that we can protect ourselves from the attackers then not a soul will object about us staying out lateYes, the fear among women is more but can’t we put some effort ourselves and make it a fearless nature if not physically at least psychologically?

Men and women have different physical build and if we try to excel in things by strengthening ourselves instead of cribbing about the lack of rights then we can for achieve the success and freedom that we dream of. Men and women were built so as help each other and coexist in the walk of life. Certain religious norms like to avoid visiting certain temples or places of worship are not right but its not our duty to prove them wrong right? we as individuals need not believe them and stand by that instead of taking certain steps that hurts the sentiments of those who believe them.Now let us face the climb by working hard and not excusing ourselves by protesting.

Rutuja Taksale✌



Everyday she dreamt of her life to change
she felt that there was a fantasy
that could be true in every way
but things don’t happen as you fancy.

Rest assured life moves on
Fruits don’t fall like you think they should
Everyday as life goes on
She struggled in every way she could.

Times go on but the end is near
Her work went on as nothing mattered
She knew she was shouting but could anyone hear?
She felt like all her dreams had shattered.

She knew that nothing came free of cost
and rose to work like anyone would
Everyday she felt like something was lost
She would sit by sobbing beside the wood.

There was a limit to god’s test
She thought there was no end
“ohh god why are you being such a pest?”(she asked)
“What have I done to offend?”

She got a call from another one
Saying she got the offer she wanted
Now she knew she could have some fun
All this time why’d you have me taunted?

By Akash Ravishankar

My sweet little memories……….

My sweet little memories…….

Are the roses in the garden of my heart

Whose fragrance relishes my heart

With the sweet evocative essence

But sometimes it hurts

Like the thorn of a budding rose

Making me cry.

My sweet little memories….

You are like the first bloom of the breezy spring

Which makes my heart sing

Your wonderful lyrics, after a long windy autumn.

My sweet little memories….

You are the shining moon , in the darkness of my life

The darkness which you fill with the euphoria of love.

But sometimes you laugh at me, like a waning moon.

My sweet little memories…..

You are my companion.

Who never leaves me alone, in my happiness and sorrows

You will be there, with me forever

Walking down the memory lane

But sometimes my heart gets broken

When you make me feel bad.

My sweet little memories…..

You are my rainbow ,you are my love

On whom I wish to throw more colors

To paint the most beautiful picture

“My sweet little memories………. “


Life is all about the mixture of every feeling. Sometimes,it feels like a ‘melodrama’, and sometimes a ‘melancholy’,sometimes in between them, and sometimes there is a ‘blank space’. We all expect for serendipity in our life, but the outcome may collide Murphy’s law. But, whatever life shows us, its okay!

Its okay to think this way. Many feel bad about the thoughts they have. According to me, its healthy to feel that you are broken. Its just hard to remain happy always. ‘Only cry for a short time. Blame yourself for a short time. In return don’t forget it for a long time’. Keep the negative thoughts to boost you and the positive thoughts to energize. Even the tiniest atom needs a positive proton and a negative electron to stabilize and form bonds. Then, why can’t we manage?.Of course We can! We are the most evolved species in the world, so there’s nothing we can do,its the will to change us.

If life gets you high,its okay. If it hits you hard,its okay. We all face troubles. Sometimes, we don’t even know what the problem. Whatever be the problem, the ultimate fight lies between you and you!. When our mind wants to but our physic doesn’t, there starts the conflict. When we work so hard but the outcome is unlikely, we start to back off from our path. We fear to try another time, we start to hate ourselves. ‘Why not give another try?’ says our mind rationally. But our heart disapproves it as ‘not another heartbreak’ emotionally. We wonder, ‘whether to act rationally or emotionally?’. We start to feel like Schrodinger’s cat, that you are and are not alive. You know it’s okay not to be okay.

So,if you are reading this, I just want to say its okay!. Its okay to feel the way you are. Its okay to be struck sometimes. Its okay to lay low. Its okay to get failure. Its okay to get bullied and teased. Its okay to give yourself some time. Its okay to start late. Just remember that you have a purpose and work for it. Its the aftermath that counts. PAUSE but NEVER STOP!

Say ‘Its okay’ to yourself and others when in misery. Your words can positize yourself and others too.

Whatever happens, its okay!

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This world is not for us.

Ever wondered, why some people are happier than others, why some people cry in their closed rooms — that are covered in darkest curtains and decorated with tears, they do not like the sun rays; which makes their faces visible — ever wondered, why these people cry, hiding their faces in pillows? Ever thought who these people are? Why they do not want the world to see their eyes, why they lose their motivation and why they are left behind — blaming their fate — who are they? Where are they ? And how they feel? ever asked about them ? No you haven’t and never will. Why to waste your precious time for those who don’t want to be the part of this world, why to even care for them? But you know what — you are the real culprit, you make them feel like they are not part of this world and they would never be. Every time you make them realize that they don’t have enough money, somehow you accuse them of your own faults, that’s when they lose their confidence. That is when they lose themselves, that’s when you have shattered their dreams and have pushed them into a never-ending quagmire. But who are they ? They are us — you, me and everyone else out there — whose dreams have been taken away, who are suicidal and most probably living for the sake of their family and most importantly, their parents. It is me, despite, doing everything I could, I was never enough. Its you — who is still struggling for a way out. It is she– who has been forced to marry an eighty year old male. It is he — who thinks he can marry her when he shall become a part of civil service. These people are everywhere, just look after them and never make them feel lonely ever again. Respect these souls, who carry more loads on their shoulders. Just listen to them and never look in their eyes.

Once a man tirelessly kept wandering
Searching for answers – the questions,
No one knew but him
Little did he know, what he endlessly searched for,
Was nowhere else, but deep within.

Restarting Life

It’s never late to start again,
But, it surely takes a little pain.
We all know,
No Pain, No Gain,
So, let’s refocus the thoughts in our brain.
– Penbrulum


Sometimes we need to run away from everything, just to know if we are willing to run back to it or not.

There’s nothing buried deep down within me,

But there’s a void that longs to be filled..!!