Writing Tip #4 – Don’t use the words feel or felt.


Don’t use the words feel or felt.

So how are you feeling today?

Just kidding, don’t answer that. Unless you answer it without the words “feel” or “felt” or other synonyms in the sentence.

I’ll explain this with an example.

Incorrect sentence: He felt like he was going to pass out.
Better sentence: The floor seemed to sway under his feet.

See the difference?

The first sentence tells the reader what the character is feeling and the second sentence shows what the character is feeling, without mentioning it explicitly.

It’s like the famous Russian playwright Anton Chekov said,
Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.

Using this practice just helps the reader visualize the scenario much better and makes them feel a connection to the character.

Question: Can you give us some more examples of this writing tip?
Comment below with your answers!

Peace out. ✌️

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Do something for you…


Do something for you,
Show yourself the truth.
Who you really are,
Who you really want to be.
Play the guitar
Made by your own strengths
And Open the garbage can,
For your mistakes.
But make sure
To discover the reason
Behind that what you did wrong,
To play someday a beautiful song,
With your hands,
Which really stands
For exactly you.



I want more , give me more ….” I pleeded life
“How much is ‘more’? ” Life questioned back to raising an eyebrow

Not a hero



My mom is not a hero
She doesn’t encourage dieting
Neither does she makes it any easier
By talking about it
Making me want to give up , give in .

But she gives me all the healthy food I want
More or less of a few things.

she thinks she does everything
Everything possible she can do
Possibly Do according to her .

She’s proud
Proud and happy with what she’s doing
Like a child she’s ignorant of the world
The REAL world ,but she thinks she does
Does know what it actually is
And maybe she does
Having a view to see
See the world as not as it is
But as how it could be

Sometimes it scary
Scary to think of how much I love her
Because I could do nothing without her
Of course I shout about not finding my stuff
Complain about being the duff
Yell about not getting the food I like
But after all that, I know that I’m loved
With all of my flaws
Without any clause
By no one else
No one but her….


I live between what is and what was.

I exist in both, I belong to neither.

There is no today, no tomorrow.

My ‘now’ is where you are.

My now is your fingers, 

tracing mine, lacing.

My now is your head, resting on my shoulder slowly falling asleep to that movie you wanted to watch so bad.

My now is tears rolling down your cheek and with each one that touches the ground, 

I love you more. 

You’re beautiful, 

you’re so beautiful. 

God, I love you.

My now is your arms wrapped around me, 

holding me tight as my world fell apart, as though the only thing holding my pieces together was you.

My now is you,

And with you, I belong.