I wish…..
To see a world full of positivity,
A world free from malice….

I wish….

The next time I ears hear something,
I wish it would only be the truth…..
The next time when I open my eyes,
I wish I would see a miscreant getting its punishment…..

I wish….

I wish the next time I could feel something,
It would be the spirit of humanity all around….
I wish the next time I could get something ever in my life,
Would be justice….
Would be justice….


“Why Writer’s admire skies //

Why Writer’s Admire Skies//☁️

Its not easy for Writer’s to exhale out what They feel , Wanna say , Wanna show ,thet think a lot and depicts what heart feels !🌿

Isn’t it beautiful?!
How we can feel more of us when we glare at the sky ,when we stare at the clouds.

They all make us feel more adorable whenever we feel :)☁️

Writer’s can Relate more inside them when we share more us with skies //
~sun with its shine blooms our heart 🌞
~Moon with its shine provides calmness 🌛
~Raindrops falling on the pale face ,gave a feel of soothing our minds .🌧️
~Rainbow in sky attach us with happiness 🌈

🌿We wonder souls will ever feel us or we will just roam as wandering souls in streets.
We dig all the unlighted places and paths so we can write and feel deeply ⛅

~kiddo who admire skies☁️
Ps: All writer’s who feel more of them with skies are attached 💙

What to do what to conquer
I think only a lot to suffer

watch closely the magic that happens when you give the person a chance to be himself.

Important Realisation

We fought for temples
We fought for masjids
We fought for statues
But we didn’t fight for hospitals.
Everything is closed but hospitals.

We fought for pandits
We fought for Maulvis
We fought for godmen
BUT We never fought for doctors.
None are rescuing us but doctors.

We fought for culture
We fought for traditions
We fought for caste
We fought for quran, bible and Ramayan
But never fought for science
And science seems to be the only saviour

I hope we learn our lessons,
And fight for what is important..

The neutral side of feminism

“Fight for women’s rights” is the constant headline that we usually see on feminist posts but if you go deep into those lines,most of the rights that we as women needed are already given and accomplished but to reach the top is our duty. I agree that we are oppressed upon by various societal norms like ‘Not to stay out late or take a man along with you if you are coming home late’but if you think about it do most of us have the strength to fight a man alone? It’s true that rape cases mostly happen to women but as feminists you can only threaten or put pressure on men but it’s the mentality that has to change. Rape cases also take place with men but are their voices heard?

Men who stay out late can take care and protect themselves but if we women prove that we can protect ourselves from the attackers then not a soul will object about us staying out lateYes, the fear among women is more but can’t we put some effort ourselves and make it a fearless nature if not physically at least psychologically?

Men and women have different physical build and if we try to excel in things by strengthening ourselves instead of cribbing about the lack of rights then we can for achieve the success and freedom that we dream of. Men and women were built so as help each other and coexist in the walk of life. Certain religious norms like to avoid visiting certain temples or places of worship are not right but its not our duty to prove them wrong right? we as individuals need not believe them and stand by that instead of taking certain steps that hurts the sentiments of those who believe them.Now let us face the climb by working hard and not excusing ourselves by protesting.

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Time doesn't heal it never does, it just buries the scars, the pain within us.
It was like a beautiful dream that ended abruptly,
leaving all my hopes, my visions incomplete suddenly.
Like a thunderstorm, it hit me hard, shattered and wasted I fell apart.
Though I learned various things along the way,
and after all the rain you see the sun come out again.
Now I'm looking for closure to cure my pain, to let myself know that everything I did, wasn't in vain.
Slow and steady now I walk alone in this journey called 'life',
looking for the one who's suffice.
As crawling is better than standing still,
I'm moving towards a better future uphill.
These things ain't fiction it's too real,
and now I have decided to heal!

Love is so blind it feels right when its wrong!!


Day 1 is the day when my first look was revealed me,wrapped in white cotton candy fluffy towel ,everyone happy ,some with tears of happiness ………

Who knew that this life had its own plans to make people unhappy because of tha same me who made them smile with tears…

THE day i fell in love with the one who i thought could be one for for life time change my whole world


Faling in love is easy

staying and proving that you

are always available when they need you

is a special effort……….

In the blink of an eye !!!

The life on the planet took such a great turn in just a blink of an eye…
Giving us all a new perspective of life..
Not meeting people in our nearest vicinity
Granted us all a vivid connection through hearts
O yes distance makes us realise the worth of happy conversations, joyful moments spent , scrumptious hangouts for food and just a random walk at evenings wid our dearest..

The new phase of everyday now should definitely make us realise that living Ur today with all the happiness is what matters because we are not promised tommorow …
Being content and grateful is what matters
Being kind and humble is what matters
Being friendly and helpful is what matters
Because being such a soul is what matters ❤️😊