Set yourself free…

Set yourself to “silent mode” when mood swings play with you…
Don’t let others get affected by them too,

Turn on that “Vibration Mode”when those bullets of judgements start hitting on you…
Make yourself an anchor when someone else wants to sail your kayak,

Whenever positivity modifies your heart with grace…
Clinch yourself with that vivacious soul that gives and just demands you a “glee” !!!

Move on… Be wise !!!

Speak up your mind before you are drenched up with the drops of regrets,

Stand up being fearless… When your fortitude is trembled with some delusional thoughts and forcing you to back out,

Wail out your pain when you are bruised up with your fake relationships…
That you had chosen over the real ones,

Express the feelings blooming in your heart before “The one” withers away…While you are in your bubble of “Right time”,

Wear that Smile on…When you sense, it can bring out changes in someone’s life as in a miracle !!!


“Two years ago you proposed me, asking me if I wanted to share my lipstick and accessories with you for the rest of my life.

I didn’t had the courage then but now I do. We don’t have to hide anymore, just this time propose me with a ring”.And finally the lesbian couple came out of their closet.

By – Shambhavi Rai Instagram – @_lovehind_loveblind_

Wait for something good to happen and that wait will pay your good deeds

Tanveer kaur


Dont chase or accept it unless you feel that you are strong enough to face the ditch of problems in the journey of love.

When The Time Is Right

When you are utterly disappointed and―
Still thinking of ways to keep your pace
When you are getting deep down in your mess
And making some wild and bitter guess
When you think that everything around you
Is at some kind of unrest
When you cannot find anything suitable
Or things at which you are the best
When life is getting more and more hectic
With all its rituals and norms
And you feel as if you are non-existant
As if you are crawling like some worms
When you are completely exhausted
And don't want to walk around
Where there is too much incompetence and―
Negativity dragging you to the ground
That is when you need to stop
And put your mind at ease
You need to stop struggling and
See how the world is at peace.
It was just a chaos in your mind
Which was neither healing you
And was nor being kind
It was just that ungrateful and rare time
When your heart was feeling low
And your mind for the first time
Was synchronized and giving it a blow
You need to learn around this time
Not to feel dejected and not to loose fight
Your limits are challenging you
And seeking how strong is your plight
So get on your feet and make your move
Cause you never know when the time is right.

Adversities either build us or destroy us,there is nothing in between.

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