The next time

And the next time
you see me
I wish, you would hold
on to me a lil longer
than before, maybe
stronger and never
let me go.
Hold my hands,
Take me to the shore,
by the deep sea
And remind me
of all the skies
to paint, as
vibrant as the
dreams we see.
For we shall, dance
with the waves;
move along the
rhythm of the waters
and set our
souls free, see
them unite where the
end begins, the stars blaze
and your world
turns into mine.


Your mind will never be at peace if you still hold that piece of the past you can never return.

Dear sky

Dear sky…

You r blessed with SUN,MOON,STARS,PLANETS…
Whenever they reflect they hv their own (or sometimes inherit)colours….nd u choose out of it differently which we unknowingly Called climate or season or session……bt you always know they r always ready to give u all seven at once….
That’s why ur good mood reflects Spectrum fencing around u…..
Obviously SEVEN is always special either it’s ur case or mine the only difference is mine world is unlike u .
Here people are good at showing colors but unable to fill them in another’s sky……..
But my sky is also quite good at filtering……but again unlike u …at the end left with the only theme of BLACK and WHITE ….

The unwanted corner of ur sky💜

A dream in consciousness

It’s 5:45 a.m. I am half asleep, half awake. Eyes still shut. The windows are open, allowing the cold breeze to flow in. The room is filled with this fresh, chilly air as it has been raining continuously throughout the night. While the cheeks are red and ears are cold, the rest of the body is warm and cozy under the soft velvet blanket, but still not enough to make me fall back to sleep. The arms stretch out, trying to reach something which is not there, to embrace something which can make me warm enough, to snug something that removes the void in and around me. But I find nothing. I slightly open my eyes to reality, withdraw the arms making a fist and let out a sigh. Suddenly, the blanket feels like a sheet of ice, the cotton mattress feels like a stone-cold rock and the heart feels like its light-years away, wandering in a paradise, missing all physical senses. Its 5:47 a.m. now, but for some reason, I feel like I have been awake for hours. Lived, felt and imagined numerous things only to miss something…unknown.

Cheers to Daddyhood!!

Dear Pappa,

Right from the time I was born, the world has turned upside down for you and it has never settled down since then. Being a pappa to a little woman like me was not easy. The weeping, the stubbornness, the tantrums, the shopping, the cooking, the dramas. You have beared it all and how!!!

Today on father’s day, I take this opportunity to thank you for for every small and big things that you have done for me. Also to tell you how have you influenced me.

Never have you ever taught me that ” I am a woman and should behave like one”. You always said that I am a human first and I should rather focus on doing the right things as an individual. As a father, this is the toughest thing to accept to let their daughters be who they are.

I always had your back no matter what. Even in my foolest times you always stood strong and you let me do the wrong things because if i did not do the wrong things I never would know the power of doing the right ones.

Life in every phase has given so many challeneges to you, but you always faced those problems with a smile and hope that someday this hardships will pay off. This is the one thing I will follow forever.

You believed in the power of honesty and always have walked on the path of righteousness. I can proudly say that you are the most honest man I know.

There was a time when I failed you, the family and myself. I broke down and said that I have lost everything and i dont even know if I am good for anything. You were giving me hope and the strength to overcome that failure and to rise again. That time I was your strength and the cause of your sleeplessness too. You were teaching me to fight when deep inside you were taken aback to see me in vain. That’s why they say father’s are superheroes without capes.

He always quotes – “Dont feel bad that others have succeeded and you failed, you have so much that they dont have. Always look for what you have and make the best out of it”.

We all know that fathers are greatest influencers and play the most significant part in their children’s life. But fathers are immensely emotional and they need us the most more than anything.

You know how to fight the biggest fights in life but they dont know how to hide the tears while they watch an emotional bidai scene on television. They scold you for not going out and fight with you when you leave, but they are the ones who will wait for you to come home and make sure you eat your meal. They will restrict us from doing things but they are the ones who will do anything for making our dreams come true. They will sacrifice their entire life and keep living for you so that you don’t have to sacrifice anything.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful father’s and we wish that you keep inspiring us the way you always have. The world needs more father’s like you to make it a better place.

Samajne wale duniya mai kam hai…

Mentally disturbed hokar muskurate hum hai…

Yahi hai zindagi janab…

Paas hokar bhi najane kitno se durr ham hai…

Old School Romantics

People said you have a beautiful smile,
But it was just for a while.
Noone knew it was a fake,
All i knew was for sake.
She said she can read your eyes,
I repeated again and again its lies.
All she uttered is to stay ‘cool’,
And i learnt in school its a ‘golden rule’.