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Highly Unstable - Mayank

Highly Unstable - Mayank

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Life is unstable; only when we topple, do we find sanity.

We all go through life, looking for balance. Trying to juggle our responsibilities, work, relationships, and dreams. To find stability. But life is a long journey, and on that road, we come across people and situations which test us. Tempers flare, tears are shed, our vulnerability is pushed to the point of no return. We touch dazzling highs and then sink right into depths which shatter us.

The experiences we endure slowly chip away at us, moulding and shaping our beings, our feelings. Some learn to become softer, more perceptive to change. Others toughen up and harden themselves to the world around them.

No matter what it is, it’s important to know that on this path of ups and downs, on this highly unstable expedition, there’s going to be one, clear moment of sanity at the finish line.

Highly Unstable transcribes the journey set forth on, in the quest to find sanity.

About The Author

Mayank is a writer by heart and an explorer in his head. He is a software test engineer by profession with a degree in Computer Science Engineering from UPES, Dehradun. He hails from Ranchi, India but currently resides in Hyderabad, India.

In his 25 years, he has never stopped trying to create and explore, for they bring him joy and peace. With a love for poetry, he began writing poems early on and in 2014, began posting his work on Instagram. Since then he’s continued to write about failing, trying, fighting and living.