Everyday she dreamt of her life to change
she felt that there was a fantasy
that could be true in every way
but things don’t happen as you fancy.

Rest assured life moves on
Fruits don’t fall like you think they should
Everyday as life goes on
She struggled in every way she could.

Times go on but the end is near
Her work went on as nothing mattered
She knew she was shouting but could anyone hear?
She felt like all her dreams had shattered.

She knew that nothing came free of cost
and rose to work like anyone would
Everyday she felt like something was lost
She would sit by sobbing beside the wood.

There was a limit to god’s test
She thought there was no end
“ohh god why are you being such a pest?”(she asked)
“What have I done to offend?”

She got a call from another one
Saying she got the offer she wanted
Now she knew she could have some fun
All this time why’d you have me taunted?

By Akash Ravishankar

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