Life is all about the mixture of every feeling. Sometimes,it feels like a ‘melodrama’, and sometimes a ‘melancholy’,sometimes in between them, and sometimes there is a ‘blank space’. We all expect for serendipity in our life, but the outcome may collide Murphy’s law. But, whatever life shows us, its okay!

Its okay to think this way. Many feel bad about the thoughts they have. According to me, its healthy to feel that you are broken. Its just hard to remain happy always. ‘Only cry for a short time. Blame yourself for a short time. In return don’t forget it for a long time’. Keep the negative thoughts to boost you and the positive thoughts to energize. Even the tiniest atom needs a positive proton and a negative electron to stabilize and form bonds. Then, why can’t we manage?.Of course We can! We are the most evolved species in the world, so there’s nothing we can do,its the will to change us.

If life gets you high,its okay. If it hits you hard,its okay. We all face troubles. Sometimes, we don’t even know what the problem. Whatever be the problem, the ultimate fight lies between you and you!. When our mind wants to but our physic doesn’t, there starts the conflict. When we work so hard but the outcome is unlikely, we start to back off from our path. We fear to try another time, we start to hate ourselves. ‘Why not give another try?’ says our mind rationally. But our heart disapproves it as ‘not another heartbreak’ emotionally. We wonder, ‘whether to act rationally or emotionally?’. We start to feel like Schrodinger’s cat, that you are and are not alive. You know it’s okay not to be okay.

So,if you are reading this, I just want to say its okay!. Its okay to feel the way you are. Its okay to be struck sometimes. Its okay to lay low. Its okay to get failure. Its okay to get bullied and teased. Its okay to give yourself some time. Its okay to start late. Just remember that you have a purpose and work for it. Its the aftermath that counts. PAUSE but NEVER STOP!

Say ‘Its okay’ to yourself and others when in misery. Your words can positize yourself and others too.

Whatever happens, its okay!

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