Missing My Missed Mr.


Missing My Missed Mr.

I wonder today, how casually I over looked those numerous instances, what might have probably been recalled today as SOMETHING.
This makes me ponder now with the hubbub of countless leftover emotions vexing me for not letting those moments materialize to mean much.
Some of the instances that make their streak in my mind make me realize how silly I was then to not seize and seal them with love and passion.
I had you right there, by my side, still I refused to hold your hand and walk together.
Every time I had my heart melting, I made it freeze compelling myself to accept that the warmth may melt a part of me if it went wrong.
I had you accepting me just the way I was, but I overlooked assuming that’s just you as a sweet person in all who knew to talk and behave right.
I had you pampering me through my thick and thins, but I never realized how silently I got your back, always.
Honestly I was running away from myself but there you were, pulling me to my journey of self-discovery, selflessly.
I had you cherishing and acknowledging the minutest of everything I did for you and I remained opaque when I knew I could have made you feel better.
I have my flaws, but you made sure I didn’t feel vulnerable to them.
I remember those countless times when I sat tight not knowing what to say but you were there, holding me tight, rubbing my back and kissing my forehead.
You showered me with all empathy, most beautiful kisses, squishes and hugs but I wasn’t equally compassionate enough of our connection.
I was ignorant that every human emotion not preserved well does perish, but I wish you cautioned me of this earlier. But today, neither my insecurities nor does the person I once had you as last anymore, I suppose.

May be Mr, I have missed you for US to happen, but I have never missed on missing you.

With all love and hope,
The eluded Mrs.

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