My Ego’s Dress


I fell in love and all I learned was how to hate myself,

At first, you may think nothing earned but here is how I felt.

There’s only one place left to go when you are needing a little more,

I finally know all that’s true of which I once felt so unsure;

This is not what you’ve done to me, but rather, what I let you do.

I was owed just one apology from myself left with lots of work to do.

There is nothing left to see here, surely, nothing left to fix.

I’ve mended all the wounds where you once left your little pricks.

I’ve done all of the work by learning how to love me best.

Stripping down all of the pain you’d used to stitch my ego’s dress.

I’m still learning to put me first – by no means an easy task.

I welcome the challenge like water to thirst, I drink with relief “At last…

It’s just us here now, we’re alone, with not one interruption.

I’ve silenced the nasty lullabies that once filled you with corruption.”

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