A Stranger - Pt. 2

She smiled at the text and locked the phone without opening the text. As she began to walk, her friend reminded her about her dinner plans at the orphanage as her friend was going to accompany her in the evening. She had this habit of celebrating all the good occasions with orphans because when she visits the place, she feels some kind of connection with orphans and feels more relieved.

Quickly, she took her phone and called the restaurant that was going to make dinner for them. She reminded them to cook a nice balanced meal for the kids.

She enjoyed her lunch with her friends but the only thing which excited her about her birthday was the orphanage. Other than that, she had also planned to buy some toys for all the kids over there and her friend ordered a huge cake for that evening. After she made sure of all the arrangements, she returned home where her grandparents were waiting for her to come. As soon as she entered, her granny shouted with excitement, “Happy birthday, princess!”

She was overwhelmed seeing her grandparents after almost 5 years, they had travelled 6000 miles just to make her feel special on her birthday as she will be an adult from tomorrow. Her teenage years passed in the blink of an eye. They had brought cake and gifts for her. Soon after the cake cutting, her mother got out an album of her pictures and they cherished every memory.

In the evening, she got ready for dinner. Her parents knew that she’ll go to the orphanage for dinner since it had been a ritual for her from the age of 5. Hence, no one questioned her upon leaving. Her friend was waiting for her outside her house and honking constantly so she rushed towards the car and they picked up the food from the restaurant on the way to the orphanage.

As soon as she reached the place, she was shocked and her face was pale as she saw the same man from the cafe signing some document at the orphanage. She never saw him earlier at the orphanage and since she was regularly visiting the orphanage, she was pretty familiar with everyone over there. She observed him, he was wearing a white shirt, a blue pair of jeans and some expensive watch on his right hand. The street light from the window was making his face look even sharper. He had angelic brown eyes and a celestial charm on his face.

Her friend approached her and interrupted her thoughts, “Where am I supposed to put this cake?”

Soon after the assistant came out from the orphanage to help them arrange a space for the dinner and the cake.

As the assistant was arranging things for the dinner, her friend saw him. Seated in the administration office of the orphanage, she also found him attractive but she asked her if he is the same guy from the cafe; she just nodded with a smile.

While they were chatting they didn't notice that all the children already come out of their room with excitement as soon as they saw her and they all started singing together happy birthday to a princess.

The noise caught his attention and he saw outside but all he could see were children singing and dancing around someone as she sat on her knees to hug those little angels. Out of curiosity, he asked the chairman about whose birthday they are celebrating. The chairman told him that it was his friend's granddaughter; the chairman and her grandfather used to be in the army together and they had served the nation for almost 40 years. And then the chairman said, “Come with me, let's go and wish the birthday girl as she has turned 18 today.”

The chairman opened the drawer and took out the gift which he has bought for her. He followed the chairman, they walked towards the playground where the celebration was going on. All the children stood in a line with discipline as they saw chairman sir approaching them. As they moved away, he saw her sitting on the grass, playing with the youngest orphan and his heart skipped a beat, she was looking gorgeous in the black Indian dress. And oh, that bindi on her forehead made her look even more beautiful and not to forget the kohl in her brown eyes. As he was stunned by her beauty, he kept staring at her while walking and didn't notice the volleyball net in the centre of the playground and he stumbled and fell on the ground.

This was the moment when their eyes met again. Upon the realisation that he fell, she rushed towards him and asked him if he is okay? But still, he just kept staring at her beautiful eyes and heavenly face.

The chairman also rushed over gave him a hand and asked if he was okay. He kept looking at her and said, "Yes, I am fine."

The chairman said, "Alright then, let's cut the cake."

The table which the children had decorated for their favourite human came out from the kitchen with a three-layered cake on it. After the cake cutting, the chairman handed her the gift which he had bought and she touched his feet to seek blessings. Soon after the chairman, all the children brought their handmade gifts and gave them to her. One by one, she was kissing every children's cheek while thanking them, she remembered almost everyone's name.

The last person in the row who gave her the envelope as he didn't buy anything for her because he wasn't expecting to see her at the orphanage. Young girls like that go to restaurants or clubs to celebrate their birthdays, so he was shocked and also impressed by her.

As she hesitated to take the envelope, he looked into her eyes and whispered, “Don't worry, I am not expecting a kiss in return.”

She looked away and said, “Don't worry, you are not getting one.”

The chairman told him to join them for dinner. As he was invited by the chairman himself, he couldn't say no and followed.

Soon after dinner, she said thank you and wished goodnight to everyone and left with her friend. While walking, again her eyes met his and she felt something strange in her heart.

As soon as she sat in the driver seat she again received a text, “Once again, happy birthday, princess. DRIVE SAFE❤️.”

Again she smiled and without replying to it, she just locked the phone. But this time, he caught a glimpse of her expressions.

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