What if the world was about to end and you had a chance to confess your life’s most important moments?


Here I go bit by bit, a little more towards my dream. Chalice of love is a collection of thoughts that Rohit have put into words alongside the twitch you may have relating to nostalgic Memories or to some hopefulness Outcomes that we are lost longing for.


“With a heavy heart, I threw out my notion for the day's purpose. However, I will get through this with much greater efficacy. Whatever has been through this journey, it leads to a better me. Thinking of better me, how many of better Me’s have been out there?”


Rohit tries to pour out his emotions and thoughts of love, life, pain and happiness with moments relating to life, readers may accept, relate or even enact accordingly to some purposeful things towards a change.

Chalice of Love

  • Rohit K Kumar