"Nothing Is, Unless Our Thinking Makes It So." - William Shakespeare


All of us have imagined him/her starting from the color of hair and eyes to the shape of the chin, hands and even nails including the ways he/she would hug you, comfort you, caress your cheeks, love you and so much more in our own fantasy worlds. In my case, everything was real but him. I used the real canvas of the nature and painted an imagination of him in every poem of mine. He had been travelling with me in my writings. Whatever have I written, are the emotions I had experienced along with him. We have walked, talked, sat, kissed, made love in my mind. The photographs used in the travelogues are the memoirs where I thought we would travel together once we meet in real world.


About the Author

Nikita Shah was born in Mumbai and raised in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She is an avid traveller and finds solace best in writing while on a trek, cruise, tour bus, in her garden just as a hobby before turning author through this book. She believes in capturing the beauty of everything through her lenses; and to increase it a tad in her own writings giving an essence to the beauty of nature and relationships. She believes, ‘Manifestation is the Key’ and believes in all the writings of her own to have them seen them coming true. Presently she is working on a new book.


If you feel connected to the writings, you must contact her Instagram: @_Duskyvibe

Dusky Vibes

  • Nikita Shah