It is almost impossible to achieve things in life without discipline and focus. And one of the areas to build the habits of discipline and focus, is physical fitness. Imagine the levels of discipline and focus that would be required to ride over 600 kilometres, through dense forests, with the clock running against you. And imagine that you are 50 years old. Difficult? Daunting? Impossible? Read the Pedalling Journey, to see how Dr Ravinder Singal did the impossible. And get inspired to push yourself too! Renowned author:


Amish Tripathi

Author Of the 'Shiva' Triology


I think my biggest takeaway from the book is that your mindset and attitude towards your goal can make or break you.This story is about beating all odds, to never give up and keep moving in face of every challenge. You may be an athlete or not, this book will leave you hungry for a little more adventure in your life.


Suneil Shetty

Bollywood Actor and Director

Pedalling Journey Deccan Cliffhanger

  • Dr. Ravinder Singal

    Dr. Vaishali Balajiwale