If you could send one thing to your loved ones, what would you give

them? Encouragement, apology or maybe something they really, really wanted once upon a time? Rakesh gets a once in a lifetime chance to send gifts from the future to his loved ones. What choice do you think he'd have made?


Plethora of Events serves up 46 such stories by a diversity of authors, with sage advice and the occasional swear word from very different walks of life. The stories collected here are by turns delightful, dramatic and spine-chilling. Whether being chased by the sounds of banging and footsteps on your doorsteps every night, a cop thrown into time-loop in some futuristic world, or a robber just trying to hold onto the final moments of appreciation for the area of effect damage before clearing everything out, the narrative text determines to keep you hooked invoking different emotions.


And hey, if you're tired of the one long, endless book that you picked up but can't seem to finish, take a look at this-it's the simplest, most straightforward game plan for completely getting over your reading block. And it's totally bite-sized, not pie-in-the-sky endless fantasies.

Plethora of Events