Eklavya only had his grandmother in his family. During her last breath, he promised to accomplish her leftover mission that he was absolutely unaware of until she died. During this journey to fulfill her last wishes, he discovers the hidden secrets of the Saptrishis. It is believed that Saptrishis, created by Lord Shiva's Third Eye, were the most powerful and intelligent humans on the earth and were given the responsibility to lead to the foundation of human civilisation and protect it from declining. Today, as the world witnesses gradual destruction of humanity and human values, is it possible that the Saptrishis will reappear again to save us all? If yes, then what role does Eklavya have to play? What is his grandmother's mission about? The Third Eye Novel attempts to explain how the customs in Indian Culture were designed scientifically during ancient times, further why they turned orthodox while passing through the time, and today, how we can redesign these customs according to the needs of the present. This novel journey also attempts to enlighten our generation about our responsibilities to sustain and evolve our culture to the heights of the pinnacle, using reason rather than having blind faith in things around us.

The Third Eye

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  • Nikhil Yadav