The neutral side of feminism


“Fight for women’s rights” is the constant headline that we usually see on feminist posts but if you go deep into those lines,most of the rights that we as women needed are already given and accomplished but to reach the top is our duty. I agree that we are oppressed upon by various societal norms like ‘Not to stay out late or take a man along with you if you are coming home late’but if you think about it do most of us have the strength to fight a man alone? It’s true that rape cases mostly happen to women but as feminists you can only threaten or put pressure on men but it’s the mentality that has to change. Rape cases also take place with men but are their voices heard?

Men who stay out late can take care and protect themselves but if we women prove that we can protect ourselves from the attackers then not a soul will object about us staying out lateYes, the fear among women is more but can’t we put some effort ourselves and make it a fearless nature if not physically at least psychologically?

Men and women have different physical build and if we try to excel in things by strengthening ourselves instead of cribbing about the lack of rights then we can for achieve the success and freedom that we dream of. Men and women were built so as help each other and coexist in the walk of life. Certain religious norms like to avoid visiting certain temples or places of worship are not right but its not our duty to prove them wrong right? we as individuals need not believe them and stand by that instead of taking certain steps that hurts the sentiments of those who believe them.Now let us face the climb by working hard and not excusing ourselves by protesting.

Rutuja Taksale✌

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