This world is not for us.


Ever wondered, why some people are happier than others, why some people cry in their closed rooms — that are covered in darkest curtains and decorated with tears, they do not like the sun rays; which makes their faces visible — ever wondered, why these people cry, hiding their faces in pillows? Ever thought who these people are? Why they do not want the world to see their eyes, why they lose their motivation and why they are left behind — blaming their fate — who are they? Where are they ? And how they feel? ever asked about them ? No you haven’t and never will. Why to waste your precious time for those who don’t want to be the part of this world, why to even care for them? But you know what — you are the real culprit, you make them feel like they are not part of this world and they would never be. Every time you make them realize that they don’t have enough money, somehow you accuse them of your own faults, that’s when they lose their confidence. That is when they lose themselves, that’s when you have shattered their dreams and have pushed them into a never-ending quagmire. But who are they ? They are us — you, me and everyone else out there — whose dreams have been taken away, who are suicidal and most probably living for the sake of their family and most importantly, their parents. It is me, despite, doing everything I could, I was never enough. Its you — who is still struggling for a way out. It is she– who has been forced to marry an eighty year old male. It is he — who thinks he can marry her when he shall become a part of civil service. These people are everywhere, just look after them and never make them feel lonely ever again. Respect these souls, who carry more loads on their shoulders. Just listen to them and never look in their eyes.

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