Waking up to the drizzling rain outside i felt heaviness inside me. Couldn’t understand whether it was the unpleasant dream or yesterday’s hangover. The cozy weather made me stay in the bed for the next half an hour. Maybe a coffee would make a difference i thought. Dragging myself to the kitchen half my eyes open searching for the coffee beans , felt an intuition of something bad on the way. Ignored it as usual & sat near the windowpane cross legged & watched the raindrop kissing the earth . The weather seemed dull and everything around in a bad mood. A shower may help i thought and slipped  to the bathroom but nothing changed the feeling. Saw my phone lying on the bed. The other days usually started with me scrolling the news feed once i open the eyes. This day was different and felt a little proud for detoxifying myself.But as i said the day was different , my phone was bursting with about 103 missed calls . I started panicking and swiped to switch on the internet . Text messages , voice notes , audio calls couldn’t understand what was happening . Checked the recent message &  i just fell on the bed. This could never have happened , we  met yesterday , how could he even? Thought it was a bad dream , you are gonna wake up nowBut when i saw RIP written under his pic tears started droozing down . Scrolling i  saw his last message to meUNREAD – can  we talk? It was a mixture of feeling – i shouldn’t have slept , i should have talked , what was bothering him , &was this all real Seeing him for the last time & biding him goodbye i still had a number of unanswered questions. I knew that  am gonna regret every moment further. His last message was for me and  couldn’t even ask what was itEverything seemed blur and there was an emptiness around and inside as the last fume of him  touched the sky.

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