“Why Writer’s admire skies //


Why Writer’s Admire Skies//☁️

Its not easy for Writer’s to exhale out what They feel , Wanna say , Wanna show ,thet think a lot and depicts what heart feels !🌿

Isn’t it beautiful?!
How we can feel more of us when we glare at the sky ,when we stare at the clouds.

They all make us feel more adorable whenever we feel :)☁️

Writer’s can Relate more inside them when we share more us with skies //
~sun with its shine blooms our heart 🌞
~Moon with its shine provides calmness πŸŒ›
~Raindrops falling on the pale face ,gave a feel of soothing our minds .🌧️
~Rainbow in sky attach us with happiness 🌈

🌿We wonder souls will ever feel us or we will just roam as wandering souls in streets.
We dig all the unlighted places and paths so we can write and feel deeply β›…

~kiddo who admire skies☁️
Ps: All writer’s who feel more of them with skies are attached πŸ’™

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